JSON to Excel with Sheet.js(feat. Vue.js)

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For Exporting JSON to Excel file, SheetJS is useful. SheetJS is complicated to use, but powerful and well maintained. I tried to use vue-json-excel, but on v0.2.5, the package throw an error and has a problem.

First of all, let’s install SheetJS.

npm install xlsx

The example code below shows how to download Excel file from JSON. I used Vue.js single component in below example. But it does not matter if you understand javascript.

<!-- Below code is tested on SheetJS v0.14.0 -->
  <button type="button" v-on:click="onexport">Excel download</button>

import XLSX from 'xlsx'

export default {
  data: () => ({
    Datas: {
      // We will make a Workbook contains 2 Worksheets
      'animals': [
                  {"name": "cat", "category": "animal"}
                  ,{"name": "dog", "category": "animal"}
                  ,{"name": "pig", "category": "animal"}
      'pokemons': [
                  {"name": "pikachu", "category": "pokemon"}
                  ,{"name": "Arbok", "category": "pokemon"}
                  ,{"name": "Eevee", "category": "pokemon"}
  methods: {
    onexport () { // On Click Excel download button
      // export json to Worksheet of Excel
      // only array possible
      var animalWS = XLSX.utils.json_to_sheet(this.Datas.animals) 
      var pokemonWS = XLSX.utils.json_to_sheet(this.Datas.pokemons) 

      // A workbook is the name given to an Excel file
      var wb = XLSX.utils.book_new() // make Workbook of Excel

      // add Worksheet to Workbook
      // Workbook contains one or more worksheets
      XLSX.utils.book_append_sheet(wb, animalWS, 'animals') // sheetAName is name of Worksheet
      XLSX.utils.book_append_sheet(wb, pokemonWS, 'pokemons')   

      // export Excel file
      XLSX.writeFile(wb, 'book.xlsx') // name of the file is 'book.xlsx'



Document for XLSX.utils: https://github.com/SheetJS/js-xlsx#utility-functions

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