Build a blog using Vue.js & Firebase

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It is working code on my blog


This blog is using

  1. Vue.js : Frontend Framework
  2. Firebase : Database, Storage, Serverless Function as a service, Auth
  3. Vuetify : UI Framework
  4. Quill : Text editor
  5. Disqus : Comment & Reply

If you want to fork and use

  1. Fork & Clone my repository
  2. Start firebase project
  3. Start firebase Authentication, Database(Cloud Firestore), Storage, Hosting, Functions
  4. Add test user by email/password on firebase console
  5. Set test users’ display name: this blog doesn’t give a function that edit a user profile, but you can do it by programmatic way. Reference is here.
  6. firebase init(using firebase cli & No overwrite jsons of firebase)
  7. Set firebase your credential on src/firebase/credentials.js by firebase
  8. Set your project ID on .firebasercc by firebase project ID
  9. Set Disqus short name on src/components/Disqus.vue: line 3
  10. Set Google Analytics on public/index.html
  11. Naming on src/components/Nav.vue: line 7 ~ 11
  12. Naming title on public/index.html: line 9
  13. npm run lint –fix
  14. npm run build
  15. firebase deploy(using firebase cli)

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